Tallahassee Welding and Machine Shop has been proudly serving our fine city and its surrounding areas for more than 73 years providing specialty products and much needed services. As a local growing business, it was founded and has been owned and managed by three generations of family working together over the past seven decades. Tallahassee Welding and Machine Shop, Inc. was established in 1942 by Buck Rozar and his wife, Jo. The pair worked together running and growing the business until 1959 when their daughter, Lucki, married George Jones. The addition of George Jones allowed Jo to retired and began the transition to the second generation of family management. The dynamic partnership between Buck and George was strengthened when Lucki joined the team in 1964. Under their guidance for the next twenty five years Tallahassee Welding continued to be a cornerstone of welding services and metal fabrication in the Tallahassee market. Bucks passing in 1989, followed by George in 1995 left the business in the steady and confident hands of Lucki and her son-in-law Kenny Small. The business was officially handed over to the third generation when Lucki’s daughter Allison signed on in 2004. Kenny and Allison Small have carried on the tradition of family values in business and the dedicated work ethnic passed on from generations of great leadership. Their understanding of the importance in separating work and home life sets a good example for other family owned business in Tallahassee.

Over the years, Tallahassee Welding has expanded and advanced far beyond the original vision of found Buck Rozar. Recognizing a more economical and environmentally sound process of metal finishing, Kenny expanded his operations and introduced Tallahassee Powder Coating, division of Tallahassee Welding & Machine Shop, Inc. in 2003. In 2007, Kenny and Allison expanded yet again and now offers a full service Machine Shop. Tallahassee Welding specializing in ornamental metal work. Ornamental handrails, gates, interior and exterior balcony rails, fencing, steel stairs, columns, and many more residential and commercial applications are what has kept this business thriving since the beginning. Their attitude of “no job is too small” has always been friendly to other local businesses and home owners allowing a great potential for walk in business. They also offer an assortment of good and services such as new steel sales, custom fabrication, steel and aluminum welding and shaping. Their custom fabricators are happy to provide services like breaking, bending, shearing and rolling pipe.

Since raw metals needs to be finished to protect it from corrosion and abrasion; Tallahassee Welding’s Powder Coating division is the perfect solution. The process of Powder Coating offers excellent resistance to corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion, fading and weathering. These fine particles of pigment or “powder” are electro-statically charged and sprayed onto a part and then melted and fused to a smooth coating in their large capacity curing oven. It can accommodate jobs up to 10’ by 30’ and avoids many of the increasingly stringent environmental risks involved with liquid finishing processes. Tallahassee Welding’s Powder Coating division offers a wide variety of colors in stock and of course anything can be ordered.

In addition to new construction the business has also been involved with historical renovations and large projects beyond the Tallahassee area including some international jobs.

Tallahassee Welding and Machine Shop prides itself on generations of loyalty and its staff of dedicated individuals who are truly talented in their craft. They are thankful for their employees and loyal customers for their continued business success and look forward to another 73 years.